Our Mission

"Learning is lifelong.

Inspiring each child is our creed.

The teachable spirit burns strong

As we climb the ladder to succeed."

Our mission is to inspire each and every child to enjoy learning. Learning is an attitude. Learning is fun and can take place in any situation. We want to inculcate this positive attitude of learning.

At Scholar's Inc. we aim to inspire each child to embrace learning as part and parcel of development. Learning can then permeate every aspect of our life. The Home. The Classroom. The Sports Field. The Music Room. The Dance Studio. From Experiences. From Successes. From Failures. With Adults. With Siblings. With Peers. As Individual. As Family. As Community. As Society.

The teachable spirit burns strong in every individual at Scholar's Inc. and we want every child to remember that no matter the number of successes or failures in life, this spirit will never extinguish. We must remain teachable, no matter our age, gender or situation. We must be ready for and receptive to learning at all times.

Our Values

Scholar's Inc. nurtures values of intelligence and creativity.

The "graduation hat" signifies the quest for knowledge and education. We believe in the importance of having the attitude for success and education is the key that provides every child with that platform.

The "INC" represents 'I'ntelligence a'N'd 'C'reativity. We believe that every child can learn intelligently and display creativity. This gives them unique identity and sets them apart from the masses.

Our centre's colours of ombre coral symbolises the warmth and passion we put into realising our mission.

Nurturing Scholars

Nurturing Scholars is our pre-school enrichment section for kindergarten students.

"Water with knowledge

Sun with skills

Blossoming seed with positivity yields"

The young plant with its five coloured leaves represent the young pre-schooler. Each pre-schooler is paralleled to a young seedling that has the potential to blossom into a full-fledged plant. Analogous to a young seedling, we will water our young ones with knowledge and sun them with skills and values. This provides them with a platform to blossom positivity and yield fruits of success in life.

Each of the five coloured leaves stand for each of the five values we advocate in Nurturing Scholars.

Blue-Perseverence Yellow-Appreciation Black-Inventiveness Red-Optimism Green-Reflectiveness

The two hands that cup the plant in the shape of a heart symbolises the environment of love and care Nurturing Scholars provides to help each child realise their potential. Our hands cup and envelop our young pre-schoolers to allow them to develop safely and securely.