Secondary Testimonials

Cheryl Rong (Year 4 City College)

My teacher consistently encourages me to do my work with pride and ensure that I am ready for the O levels. I am now able to score for all my Physics questions because I understand the chapters better and I can use the direction words in Geography questions to know what to write specifically in my answers.

Hoo Jinh Shenn (Sec 3 Queenstown Secondary School)

Scholar's Inc has helped me to improve in my results, especially in math. My teacher enforces discipline where we must focus during lesson and not give in to any distractions. The notes and materials they give are very useful and because of Scholar's Inc, math has become one of my favorite subjects.


Genevieve Koh (Year 4 Methodist Girls School)

Scholar's Inc provides me with useful notes and worksheets to aid me in both Math and Language Arts. The teachers explain concepts that I'm not sure of in a way that I can understand and also teaches me many skills that I can apply to different questions.

Claris Wong (Sec 4 Paya Lebar Methodist Girl's Secondary School)

With the strong motivation my teachers give, I can focus in every lesson and my math grades remain strong. I have improved by doing all the humanities worksheets my teachers have provided because I can apply the necessary skills and techniques taught in the classes. Now, I can answer my source-based questions and LORMS questions well.