Primary Testimonials

Future Media Publisher, Television Host and Travel Journalist

Lau Jae Yee (Primary 6 Innova Primary School)

English is my favourite subject as it allows me to express my thoughts and emotions through words. In Miss Sharon's classes, I am transported to worlds beyond my imagination and I can never see English lessons the same again.

Future First Woman President of Singapore

Allyscia Pereira (Primary 6 Raffles Girl's Primary School)

Every lesson at Scholar's Inc. is a life lesson. Miss Sheila encourages me to write with flourish, articulate with confidence and dream big. She challenges my mind to reach for the stars.

Future Strategist, Statistician and Presidential Candidate

Calixton Rong (Primary 6 River Valley Primary School)

There is never a dull moment in Math because Miss Wendy has many surprises up her sleeve. Whenever I think that I have perfected my learning method and calculation, she comes up with something new that baffles me.

Future Leader of Singapore, Writer and Litigator

Melvin Predrick (Primary 5 Radin Mas Primary School)

I have learnt to become a better thinker in Scholar's Inc. It has also trained me to become independent and I take charge of all my filing and revision. Now, I can be an effective leader in my school and a role model to my peers.

Future Banker, Market Analyst and Financial Consultant

Amber Wan (Primary 5 St Nicholas Girls' School)

With good focus and discipline, I am able to put my best foot forward. My lessons of Math and Science has helped me to analyse questions effectively to formulate accurate solutions.

Future Brain Surgeon and stem cell scientist

Brian Li (Primary 4 Nan Hua Primary School)

Math and Science is all about being precise. With good discipline and practice, I can achieve my best. Miss Vivian helps me to understand Science in a way that allows me to strive for excellence. I have improved greatly in my understanding and discipline towards math.

Future Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Owner of several Multi-National Companies

Randel Soh (Primary 4 Henry Park Primary School)

It is always my decision, not my parents, to sign up for all the holiday courses because I get to challenge my mind and have a whole load of fun while I am at it! My teacher is very patient as she helps me with Mathematics and I am so much more confident because of that.

Future Master Chef, Globetrotter and Mathematician

Mark Tan (Primary 2 Maha Bodhi Primary School)

My older brother and sister has been with Scholar's Inc all the way and come home each week with interesting stories and nuggets of information. Now, it is my turn to tell all the stories over dinner and share all my math and science tricks! I look forward each week to the fun worksheets and to meet my friends.

Future Swim Medalist, Inventor and Rocket Scientist

Ewan Pedersen (Primary 3 Anglo-Chinese School)

I enjoy all my classes at Scholar's Inc. The science experiments in Miss Judy's classes are so fun because I can do them with my classmates and friends. After school, I come to learn new mathematics tricks which uses my mental strength and after that I attend my swimming training which uses my physical strength.

Future Southeast Asian Sportsman, Charismatic Motivator and Leader

Declan Seah (Primary 2 Anglo-Chinese School)

My compositions are so interesting because I tell a story about Casper the dog and Miss Wendy the owner. Even my older brothers read them and laugh out loud.