The “PIZZA” Contest 


Your friend and you want to share a pizza equally. Your friend is afraid that you will cut the pizza unfairly and take the larger piece. How can you divide the pizza such that both you and your friend will be happy?

Share your answer with your class and teacher the following week. If you get it correct, you will win a prize!

The "STING" Contest

 The words for the clues given below all end with a "sting".  

For example:  A "sting" that cures hunger         FEASTING


Now, can you guess what is the answers for the rest given below?

  1. A "sting" that cures your tiredness.
  2. A "sting" that cooks your meal.
  3. A "sting" that make your bread brown and crispy.

Share your answers with your class the next week. If you guessed the answer correctly, you will win a prize!

Special Number 29!

If you count the number of lines below, you will find that there are 29 lines.

Now can you do something to the lines below and still make the equation equal to 29 without having to count the number of lines.


Hint: Twenty-nine is an unusual number and no other number would work in its place in this puzzle. The special thing is that there is no letter “o” in the number 29!







The 29 lines can be rearranged to form the word twenty nine! T is made up of two lines, W is made up of 4 lines, E is made up of 4 lines and so on.

T W E N T Y     N I N E 

Today we are going to do a simple experiment and we will just need two materials: a potato and 2 straws.

 You are now going to use the straw to poke through the potato.  Can you do it? Do you need the strength of Hercules to do it?

Now place you thumb over the hole of the straw and try to poke through the potato.  Do you find that you hardly need to use any strength at all?

Now look at the video below and see how our students poke through the potato with brute force and how they manged to do it without any strength.

Why is this so?

When you cover the hole of the straw, air is trapped inside the straw forcing it to compress and becomes strong as you force the straw towards the potato. Therefore, you hardly need any strength at all.